There's nothing like a first impression, so if you want to make a splash you better know how to sell yourself. Working with various media and tech companies, I helped show that their core functions are both interesting and easily communicable.

Sho.Press, where literature, photography, and video meet. 


Sho.Press is a design technology, content marketplace, and transmedia hosting platform based in Los Angeles, CA. We empower authors, artists, and their audience with an automated solution to designing, publishing, and monetizing quality content. Our product is easy to use, instantly scalable, and professional quality with features that are simply miles ahead of what’s available. Powered by the creativity of the web, and built to make self-publishing artistic and profitable, Sho.Press puts the power back in the hands of creators. 

How It Works: 

1.     When a creator uploads their chosen combination of text, imagery, audio, or video, our technology mines the data to dictate the layout and design the work at a professional level.

2.     Once published, the money generated by ads, subscriptions, and sales begins to accumulate for the creator and us. Usually the story would end here, but we built Sho.Press to capture how stories and topics evolve in real life. 

3.     New creators can submit additional media to an existing piece or forum for potential inclusion with the original work. If approved, that new segment becomes part of the story and the narrative grows in knowledge, scope, and humanity. 

4.     Users can creatively reorganize existing content into custom collections and consume as they see fit. Whether it's a beautiful book of seasonal recipes, or a collection of essays to read on a tablet, Sho.Press provides the tools and flexibility to make media come to life on any platform. 

Boomrat - 


BOOMRAT radically simplifies finding the best dance music on the web. Powered by our proprietary algorithms and the curation of music industry professionals, we chart the web’s trending hits, create customized content from personal tastes, and regularly present hand-picked playlists all our own for any genre or mood. This functionality, combined with robust artist profiles and a tastefully clean design, makes for a unique experience at once vast and easy. Sign up for free and find your next favorite song at

Pablo Escargot - 


PABLO ESCARGOT is a creative collective / production house waging war on the frontline of branded video entertainment. The battering ram of the digital revolution, we believe that the people deserve art in advertising, and we deliver by marrying old-world sophistication to cinematic storytelling in the internet age. A league of young intellectuals, we hold court with the web's literati and bring the human narrative back to advertising, music, and fashion. 

We’re old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway. To the upstarts, the futurists! Join our cause! 


  • "Let them eat branded content."
  • "The revolution will be digitized."