Working with notable brands such as Fatburger, Live NationMezcal El Silencio, and various independent comedians, I helped transform strategic objectives into funny and informative videos.

"A refreshing take on the tired tropes that dominate liquor ads. Not you usual liquor. Not your usual liquor ad."

Featured in: AdWeek, Rumble, Yahoo!,, Fast Company, Mashable

Roles: Production Manager, Co-Writer, Casting Director

"A satire on electronic dance music sub-genres. How an overweight Jewish man's obsession with leather took the dance music world by storm."

Featuring @TheFatJewish

FEATURED IN: Billboard Magazine, Elite Daily, VICE Noisey, DJ Mag, Beatport, Smash, Punch Baby

Roles: Production Manager and Co-Writer

"Matthew McConaughey is interrogated by The Academy about the 2014 Oscars and his past of lesser films."

FEATURED IN: The New Yorker, HuffPost

Written by and Starring Jon Rudnitsky

Role: Produced by Pablo Escargot

"Official parody film trailer created to promote the overseas expansion of the Fatburger brand. No one is safe."

Role: Production Assistant