Storytelling is both an aural and visual medium, and a virtuous synergy between the two creates opportunity for truly immersive narrative. 

"Not you usual liquor. Not your usual liquor ad."

FEATURED IN: AdWeek, Rumble, Yahoo!,, Fast Company, Mashable

Role(s): Production Manager, Co-Writer, Casting Director

Desctiption: Matthew McConaughey is interrogated by The Academy about the 2014 Oscars and his past of lesser films.

FEATURED IN: The New Yorker, HuffPost

Written by and Starring Jon Rudnitsky

Produced by Pablo Escargot

"A satire on electronic dance music sub-genres. How an overweight Jewish man's obsession with leather took the dance music world by storm."

Featuring @TheFatJewish

FEATURED IN: Billboard Magazine, Elite Daily, VICE Noisey, DJ Mag, Beatport, Smash, Punch Baby


Role: Production Manager and Co-Writer

Official parody film trailer created to promote the overseas expansion of the Fatburger brand. No one is safe.

Role: Production Assistant